Projects for 2017-2018

  1. 1. T- Shirt Design Contest

    Interested in winning a $1000 price? The IVP office and the ASUCLA store are holding an annual T-shirt Design contest. The winner will win $1000 and the T-shirt will be for sale at ASUCLA for a year! The deadline of the event is November 13th, 2017. Click this Link to submit your design.

  2. 2. Finals Week!

    We provide study spaces for UCLA students to study with their friends in Ackerman. The Fall Study Hall will be on December 10th, 2017! We will have coffee and snacks for you!
    Food Trucks TBD.

  3. 3. USAC History

    The IVP Office is collecting past USAC members’ histories and creating a powerful USAC alumni network system.

  4. 4. Wifi On Campus

    We are working with the Office of Facilities Commission and UCLA IT to boost the internet connection.

  5. 5. Pride Week

    We are working with the LGBTQ Center to celebrate Pride Week in Spring quarter.

  6. 6. USAC Alumni Gala

    We will invite USAC Alumn for our annual Gala in Spring . This year will be the second year!

  7. And more...