Reservation guidelines

*Only student organization signatories can book meeting and event venues at UCLA.

  1. 1. Booking with ASUCLA

    Go to ASUCLA Event Office in Ackerman Union on A-Level. Check in at the Student Union Information window, adjacent to the A-Level elevators and the Post Office Express.
    All meeting rooms with ASUCLA HAVE to be booked 2 WEEKS PRIOR.
    All Events with ASUCLA HAVE to be booked 3+ WEEKS PRIOR.
    All events in the ASUCLA Event Office can apply for ASUCLA Event Fund.
    Phone: 310-206-0832

    Places you can book

    • Kerckhoff Hall:
      • Grand Salon
      • Coffeehouse Patio
      • State Rooms
      • 1st Floor Meeting Room
    • Ackerman Union:
      • Grand Ballroom
      • Bruin Reception Room
      • Viewpoint Conference Room
      • 2nd and 3rd floor Meeting Rooms

    Link to room capacities.
    Link to room prices.

  2. 2. Booking with UCLA Event Office

    Located at 168 Kerckhoff Hall. Phone: 310-825-8989

    Places you can book:

    • Classrooms on Campus
        The maximum allotted times are:
      • Week 0-Week 2, maximum of 2 hours per week
      • Week 3 onwards, maximum of 4 hours per week
      • One room per week
        Must book at least 1 week in advance at the Events Office.
    • Court of Science
    • Royce Hall
    • Music Halls and Theatres
  3. 3. Booking with Recreation center

    Click here to request a web user account allowing 2 business days for activation. MEETINGS require 5 business days and EVENTS require 10 business days advance notice.
    Phone: 310-825-3588

    Places you can book:

  4. 4. Kerckhoff Art Gallery

    Booking with USAC CAC for events and wall space.
    Click here for guidelines.
    311 Kerckhoff Hall
    Phone: 310-825-6564

  5. 5. Bruin Plaza

    • a. Speak to your SOLE Advisor first.
    • b. After approval from Event office and your Sole Advisor, go to ASUCLA Event Office for your event diagram and details.
    • c. You can get two tables and four chairs for free from ASUCLA Events office.
    • d. Take your diagram to the Fire Marshals to approve.
    • e. On the day of the event, take your ID to a-level Ackerman to get your chairs/tables.

    Link to room capacities.
    Link to room prices.

  6. 6. Booking places on the hill

    Reserve rooms here.

    Places you can book

    • De Neve Meeting Rooms
    • Hedrick Movement Studio
    • Carnesale Commons, Palisades Room, Malibu Room, etc.